Our Virtual Assistant pricing plans are very simple. We have pre-defined per hour rates for the tasks that vary depending on the volume of Virtual Assistant hours you are purchasing.

You can purchase hours either in a bulk to complete one project or you can subscribe to our monthly subscription plan where you can avail the services of a Virtual Assistant for limited number of hours every month. 

You can use those hours to complete any of your tasks or you can just choose to pay as you go on an hourly rate.

Ad Hoc Projects Plans

Our Ad Hoc/ Task based project plans are for individuals who want virtual assistance on specific projects. We undertake tasks from start to finish and you pay for that particular project. This plan offers you dedicated virtual personal assistant support until the completion
of the project.

Whether your ad-hoc project requires a few hours or several months to complete, you do not have to sign-up for monthly subscription plan. Contact us with the details of the task, including the time frame and the necessary skills involved. We will get back to you with a quote and the time estimate for your project as soon as possible.

Monthly Subscription Plans:

All our monthly subscription plans are designed to best fit your requirements and budgets, ranging from just few hours of a month to all the way up to a full time assistant. Each plan allows you to outsource your personal and business tasks to your virtual assistant, leaving you time to focus on more strategic tasks. And with the upgrade and downgrade options, it gives you added flexibility that you always wanted.

Pay-as-you-go Plan
Small tasks to keep you on top of things
Purchase hourly rates as and when you need them, no subscription involved
Business Plan
Operational help for everyday business tasks
+/-30 Hours per month
Executive Plan
Built to handle the most demanding workloads
+/- 50 Hours per month